Winning Alpha Keys

Lords Online, a brand new browser based strategy game from IGG, will begin its Alpha test in the middle of October. To fine tune the game, we urge you, our dutiful players, to participate the test, The first step to be qualified as a tester, please fill out the questionnaire below. Of cause, your efforts won't go unrewarded. When you become one of our tester, you will win Alpha Keys. Players who actively participate the test will be rewarded with valuable items. Please make sure provide your email address in Question 10. The official will deliver the Alpha Key to your mail box. After finishing the questionnaire, please don't forget to click on submit.

Note:Each account is allowed to join only once by one IP address. Participants are required to answer these questions carefully.

Thanks for your participation. We will send a CD-KEY to your email box if you are selected to be an alpha tester. Please pay attention to your inbox.